Tumble weed  藤原 スバル (FaceBook :Subaru Fujiwara)
From:    兵庫県 加古川市
hobby:     写真撮影 (低速度撮影等)、パーカッション、レザーアート、スノーボード、キャンプ…etc.

Mail: info@tumbleweed-subaru.com


2004, Jan:   レザークラフトを始める。アーティストネームは"Jazzy Crew".
2009 Dec:   Calm Glass 師事 ・ バーナーワーク作家に転向するべく工房を設置。アーティストネームを"Tumbleweed"に変更。
2010 ~ now:   関西を中心としたグループ展に出展 
2012  Mar:   R Jason Howard 師事
           Bob Snodgrass  師事
2012  Jun:   神戸Rough Rareにて個展「scenery」開催
2012  Jul :   USA. NY. Ouchi Gallery主催 「100人展」 in Itary出品 作品タイトル「Bloom in the Cosmo」
           「100人展」にて最優秀 Zank & Mars Award 受賞
2013 Sep:   大阪 住之江区 騒ギニ乗ジテギャラリーバーにてグループ展「lights」開催
2013 Nov:   USA.NY.Ouchi Galleryにて個展 テーマ「Escape」

2004, Jan :        Start the Leather works. Artist name is “Jazzy Crew”
2007, Oct :        Perform the leather works private exhibition “Natural” in Kakogawa city. Hyogo Pref.
2008, Oct :       Start studying the burner works.
2009, Dec :       Taught about burner work by “Calm Glass (Japan)”
                      And I begin it with tools together. Artist name is change “Tumbleweed”
2010,Oct〜now:: Participated in the many event of various area in Japan.
2011, Dec:       Introduced in newspaper by Kobe-Shinbun
2012 .May:        Taught about burner work by “R Jason Howard (USA.)”
                     Taught about burner work by “Bob Snodgrass (USA.)”
2012, Jun:         Perform the Burner works private exhibition “Scenery” at Rough Rare in Kobe city. Hyogo Pref.
2012,Jul:           Participated in 6th 100 Artists exhibition “East and West” in Italy, hosting by Ouchi Gallery in New York. USA.
                      Works name is “Bloom in the Cosmo”
                      I got ”Zank & Mars Award” in 6th 100 Artist exhibition.
2012.Sep:          Participated in group exhibition “namida” at Gallery INTROART in Nagoya city, Aichi Pref., hosting by Gallery INTROART.
2013.Sep:          Hosting group exhibition “lights” at Sawaginijoujite Gallery in Osaka city, Osaka Pref.
2013 Nov: .    Perform the Burner works private exhibition “Escape”at Ouchi Gallery in New York. USA.


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