As an artist, Subaru Fujiwara's work ranges from glass burning to leathercraft, multimedia and beyond.
Under the pseudonym, "tumble weed," his glass works depict that which can't be held to earth but must move freely. Just as a tumbleweed rolls through wastelands and spreads its seeds at the whim of the winds, tumble weed's work invites the viewer to be taken away from the everyday.

In tumble weed's work, one is transported to a world of luminance. Seasons of color blend into the eye of a typhoon, the inside of an atom, a galaxy of shooting stars. Even a falling teardrop, just as it touches the ground, is captured delicately. Contained in glass, these whimsically imagined scenes are nearly celestial. The potential energy of the seed, absorbed into the ground, sprouts into life once brought out into the light. But this moment often goes unnoticed. Removed from the daily happenings in the urban world, it is easy to miss this radiance. Tumble weed is a reorientation toward that, to see the energy in light and in life.

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更新: 2014年1月19日

私事のため2月下旬まで一時 作品製作を停止します。

展示等 5月辺りから行うことで計画をしていきます。


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